• When do you ride?
    Last Friday of the month, May through September. Meet at 7:30PM, ride departs at 8:00PM.
  • Where do you meet?
    Northeast corner of Burlington City Hall Park, by the Millennium Bell.
  • What is the route? What is the theme?
    Check the website each month for current information!
  • Is there a reason for why you aren't calling this ride Critical Mass?
    While Bike Party and Critical Mass share similarities, there are also some differences. Every Critical Mass ride and every Bike Party ride is independently organized in their own cities, so take all these points as generalizations, there are certainly exceptions.

    • Critical Mass and Bike Party are both social group rides, held on a regular schedule. 
    • Critical Mass is explicitly an activism ride. Bike Party is just for fun :) 
    • Critical Mass occurs at commute time to maximize the impact of their message. Bike Party happens off commute time to minimize conflicts. 
    • Critical Mass does not have a pre-set route. Bike Party does, with designated stopping points. 
    • Critical Mass often flouts traffic laws (e.g. intersection corking, etc.). Bike Party rides lawfully.

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