How We Ride

TL;DR - Follow the rules of the road and you shouldn't get ticketed. Ride safely and you shouldn't get hurt.

  • Light up the night!
    •  Bring lights and use them! It's the law and being visible is one of the best defenses against getting smashed.
  • Keep to the right lane and off of sidewalks.
    • Stay right if it is safe to do so but don't ride next to doors, through potholes or debris. It's perfectly legal to take up a whole travel lane if it is required for your safe passage, don't be shy to do so.
  • Ride Predictably and in Control.
    • This means riding in a straight line, riding in the direction of traffic, following the rules of the road and signaling your turns.
    • No stunt riding and don't overlap wheels. Riding groups presents unique challenges so take it easy so everyone stays safe and has fun.
  • Obey Stops and Crosswalks.
    • Obey all stops signs and stop lights. They still apply to bikes, you can get ticketed for ignoring them and most importantly complying with them makes you more predictable and thus safer.
    • Yield to pedestrians. Obey crosswalks and stay off the sidewalk. Just as we're vulnerable to cars pedestrians are vulnerable to us!
  • Pack your trash.
    • Don't litter. If you have a bit of trash just carry it with you until you have access to a recepticle. No one wants a dirty city.
  • Roll Past Conflict.
    • If an agitator tries to engage you just keep rolling and smiling. Most folks with a bad attitude aren't going to chase you down, they're likely just having a bad day.
  • Leave no rider behind.
    • Let's stick together. Ride slowly. Take it easy. If you notice that the group is spreading out coast a bit to let those behind catch up.
    • If you want to bail early for some reason be sure to communicate that clearly so we know you don't need help staying with the ride.
  • When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”
    • We're here to have fun, so say hi to your neighbors and bring out your good cheer.

! All are responsible for their own behavior. !
! Everyone rides at their own risk !

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